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If  you are thinking about purchasing  a work please email me at  –  – to discuss payment and  shipping arrangements etc.


White Square#2

A large wall hanging piece based around a weathered steer skull.(60 x 48cm) $2500

‘Lockdown’ – The first piece made during the Delta lockdown in NZ (2021) Based around the skull of a racoon and several birds feet this creation sits inside a recycled native timber box (40 x 32cm) $2000

A rod mounted goat skull fused with a horses mouth around a matrix of small animal bones. (35 x 15 cm) $750

Black Backed Gull Skull Box #3

Sixteen Black-backed gull skulls in a starburst matrix inside a recycled native timber box. (40 x 32)
$1500 (SOLD)

Te Hopu (Snapper) Front (2018)
Te Hopu (Snapper) Back (2018)
Coral head (2015)
Pestilential (2018)
Kahu Peka Peka (Bat Cloak) 2015
Mere de Rat (Rat Mother) 2016
The Bone Guitar (front) 2014
A1 Poster of  the three life-size machine gun replicas (2016)