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Seeds of Life – The Bone Art of Bruce Mahalski’ (New Book for Sale)

07 Jul 2018 / in News

‘Seeds of Life – the Bone Art of Bruce Mahalski’ is a new book by scientist and artist, Dr. Craig Hilton, with a foreword by Dr Billie Lythberg, which has been published by Auckland’s Rim Books. Both men are interested in the ethical and philosophical implications of using biological material (living and non-living) in art to […]

The Bone Collector – philosophy and ethics

01 Dec 2016 / in News

This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book with Dr Craig Hilton called ‘Seeds of Life’ which will be published this year on Rim Books. ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Why did I start collecting and why bones in particular? It’s always easiest to just put the blame on my parents. My father was a medical specialist and my […]