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MP 40 and Bone Tooth Colt Pistol

16 Dec 2012 / in News

In December of 2012 two new bone weapons were completed – a life-size model of the German MP40 Machine Gun (or Schmeisser) and a small bird-headed tooth-firing pistol (the’ Bird Tooth Colt’). MP40 The MP 40 was often called the “Schmeisser” by the Allies, after weapons designer , Hugo Schmeisser.  Schmeisser had designed the MP […]


25 Aug 2012 / in News

Two bone dueling pistols (with spare bullets) mounted in a custom tailored case (with upholstery by Wellington jeweler Vaune Mason). To enable functionality and ease of display this one-of-a kind object has been counter-sunk into a specially made rimu table. All of the bones were found locally by the artist. The head on the bottom […]

Cult Hook #1

25 Aug 2012 / in News

Bones,shells and fossils attached to a framework of Ponderosa Pine | 30 x 1200cm 2010 This piece is the largest and most dynamic of the series and contains the bones of many large animals including those of pig, seal, dog, dolphin,human, sheep and albatross (or mollymawk) – as well as local  fossils and sea shells. […]

M16 machine gun

25 Aug 2012 / in News

A two-thirds scale model of an M16 made of bones around an internal plastic structure. It sits on two rods in a purpose Built Metal Case by Carlucci | 20 x 70cm 2007/8 This is the second bone gun – the head is from  a cat – it also contains the skulls of two rabbits, a […]

Bird Man #1

24 Aug 2012 / in News

Bird Bones attached to plank of Ponderosa Pine | 15 x 1180cm 2010 I had finished nearly all of the work when I found a box of albatross or mollymawk bones I had forgotten about in the attic. It’s hard to tell an albatross form a mollymawk – particularly when its not in exactly tip-top […]

Lintel #1

24 Aug 2012 / in News

Layered bone and shells on Matai plank | 13 x 1050cm [ to be hung over the top of a door frame ] 2010 This was the first piece I made specifically for this show. I didn’t originally intend to make a lintel or indeed to make anything symmetrical. I was only planning to layer […]

Skull Rack #1

06 Aug 2012 / in News

Three sheep skulls attached to Matai Planks using metal rods | 28 x 1000cm 2010 Skull Rack #1 is inspired by the skull racks of Papua New Guinea where the skulls of dead foes and relatives are preserved in the men’s houses in racks or shelves. Despite my comments about the life affirming nature of […]

Enviromental – exibition

21 Jul 2012 / in News